Epoxy By Industry

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Industrial / Manufacturing Plants

Industrial and manufacturing plants work continuously at maximum efficiency.  Damaged, cracked, slippery concrete flooring is a danger to workers and is a drag on productivity. In contrast, carefully selected flooring supports overall efficiency and management’s budget. The Epoxy / PU flo ... More

Food & Beverages Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy / PU Flooring For food industriesIn food processing industries, the typical flooring doesn’t perform well due to the acidic nature of vegetable oils, animal fats, sugars, and dairy products etc. Food Processing Plants are normally operated on the high volume operating conditions along wi ... More

Auto Dealership epoxy flooring

Auto Dealership Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring for Car Dealership ShowroomsAuto Dealership generally requires a floor that provides durability for vehicular traffic, resist chemicals such as oil, transmission oil, automotive fluids, etc.From high-tech, attractive auto showrooms to the busiest repair ... More

Warehouse Epoxy / PU Flooring

WAREHOUSE EPOXY / PU FLOORINGThe warehouse is used primarily for storage or as a distribution division.In warehouses, the floors take a lot of daily misuses. Bare concrete often has pits, cracks, divots, and joints, which over time can be harmful to carts hand trucks, and lifts.Durable, high perform ... More

Pharmaceutical Epoxy / PU Flooring

We understand the importance of issues such as ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, protection against bacteria, and clean room standards required for sterile and clean process environments in the pharmaceutical.In many industries, cleanroom manufacturing and a high degree of component cleanlin ... More

Healthcare / Hospitals

Epoxy/ PU Flooring for Healthcare and Hospitals :The health and safety of patients is the first priority for the healthcare industry. To obtain the highest level of standards in cleanliness & safety, epoxy & PU flooring is perfect.For Hospitals, Operation Centers Epoxy / PU flooring provides ... More

Institutional Flooring

Epoxy / PU Flooring for Educational BuildingsEpoxy / PU flooring are now a day widely used at Medical, Engineering, Dental Colleges, schools Etc to provide a heavy, light duty flooring solution for laboratories, Workshops, CMM room, CNC shops, dental clinical treatments areas as well as community ha ... More

Car Park Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy / PU flooring Solution for Car Parking To maintain the safety and cleanliness of the car parking areas is a must for various commercial malls, big residential townships & commercial business centers, etc.Epoxy /PU flooring solution provides aesthetically good seamless anti-skid flooring at ... More

Aircraft Hangers Epoxy / PU flooring

Epoxy Flooring For Aircraft HangersIf you need an epoxy floor coating system for an airport, hangar, or major transportation center, our solutions give you the durability, safety, pristine aesthetics you’re looking for.The right type of flooring solution is required for the planes, trains, aut ... More