Epoxy Flooring Service

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What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy Flooring is a type of polymer material that begins as a liquid and is converted to a solid state through a controlled chemical reaction. Because of this change in state, epoxy floor coatings are typically a mechanically strong and chemically resistant type of flooring. Epoxy floor coatings are highly adhesive during the conversion from liquid to solid allowing them to create a secure bond with both new and old concrete flooring surfaces. There are a wide variety of applications and uses for epoxy coatings including epoxy floor paint in commercial and industrial settings as well as for coatings on industrial equipment or machinery.

Water Resistance yes
Drying Time 24 Hours
Flooring Type Epoxy
Finishing Glossy
Usage/Application Indoor
Is It Provide AMC Provide Amc


Main Features of Epoxy Flooring:

  • High Strength
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti Microbial / Anti Bacterial flooring
  • Water Proof - Water Resistant and Water Repellent
  • Chemical, Oil & Acid Resistant
  • Anti Static
  • Abrasion and Scratch Resistant
  • Satin Finish to High Gloss


Epoxy Flooring Process:

Step 1: Cleaning and Blasting:

Every floor is shot-blasted to create a rough and porous surface allowing the epoxy primer to penetrate deep into the concrete surface. The epoxy primer is less viscus than the colored epoxy used in the second coat. This allows deep penetration of the epoxy to create both a mechanical and chemically bond to the concrete. This is the single most important step in floor preparation.

Step: 2 Grinding:

All hard to reach areas are diamond gridded to expose fresh, clean concrete ensuring a good bond between the epoxy and the concrete. Any cracks or uneven surfaces are gridded smooth to reduce visibility.

Step : 3 Patching:

Crack, divots and holes are patched using the highest quality polymer-modified patching compound and gridded smooth.

Step: 4 Epoxy Primer:

A two-part 100% solids penetrating epoxy primer is the first layer of epoxy applied. This clear epoxy primer saturates and penetrates deep into the open pores of the concrete creating a powerful mechanical and chemical bond that is guaranteed not to break.

Step: 5 Epoxy Colour:

Colored Epoxy: Next Day, a second layer of colored epoxy is applied. (While the epoxy is still wet, the colored flakes are broad casted across the floor, in access, to ensure even and consistent coverage.)